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Emotional disorders affect women most – Prof. Thomas Brod (UCLA) at School of Liberal Studies

While many are affected by emotional disorders in varying degrees, the extent and frequency of the disorder is found to be more among women and adolescents, claimed psychologists at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) on Thursday. The Department of Psychology at the School of Liberal Studies (SLS), had organised a lecture on ‘Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)’, by Professor Thomas M Brod.

According to Prof. Brod, who is an MD and an associate clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, the degree and extent of emotional anxiety and disorders is present among one and all, but predominantly more in women and adolescents, which largely arises out of suppression. He said, “Women are subjected to many restrictions in society, owing to which many of their feelings remain suppressed. This causes anxiety of sorts, which needs to be tackled at an early stage to prevent serious disorders in the future. This is where ISTDP is quite helpful.”

ISTDP is a psychodynamic treatment which is specifically designed for emotional disorders that facilitates quick treatment of most of them. “The therapy helps the patient overcome their own internal resistance to experience their true feelings about situations, which they warded off as they’re too painful to experience,”said Dr Brod, adding, that the treatment has been proven successful for patient therapy and also in treating other severe extents of emotional disorders.

Published Date:Jan 23, 2016

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DNA - Ahmedabad - January 23, 2016


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