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SLS At A Glance

Long before envisioning the benchmarks of global best practices to be recommended by NEP, PDEU launched School of Liberal Studies which currently offers Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees that equips a student to develop an array of intellectual skills, a variety of methodologies and ways of understanding our changing world, and a broad base of varied knowledge. In turn, such a Liberal Education establishes an invaluable foundation for more specialized study in one's major or in one of the professions, and for a life-long affinity for learning and continuing intellectual development.

The pedagogy with broad based understanding of all relevant disciplines ranging from Management, Arts, Commerce, Social Sciences and Sciences orients the student to have trans disciplinary breadth that helps to develop rigours understanding of the depth.


To Bridge Existing Divides of Conventional Wisdom. To Foster Independence. To develop critical thinking.
To Transform and To Endow Society With The Benefits of A Translational Education. The School of Liberal Studies Simply Conforms..