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Academic Calendar 2015
23rd to 25th January 2015 Petro Cup 2015 (Sports Meet)
16th February 2015 16th February 2015 Spring Mid-Semester Examination of UG and PG
26th – 27th February 2015 Feedback from Students
12th March 2015 Result Announcement of Spring Mid-Semester
Examination 2015
20th & 21st March 2015 Social and Cultural Festival of PDPU
6th May 2015 Research Dissertation Submission of M. A. Semester IV
 17th April 2015 Research Dissertation Submission of UG Semester VIII
17th April 2015 Last Date of Teaching
20th April 2015 Spring End-Semester Examination of UG and PG
28th April 2015 Re-Exam 2 of Autumn Semester/Odd Semester for Academic Year 2014-15
07th May 2015 Last Date of submission of Marks/Grades: End-Semester Examination 2015
08th May 2015 Review of Evaluated Answersheets: End-Semester Examination 2015
11th May 2015 Last Date of submission of Marks/Grades & showing of Evaluated Answersheets of Re-Exam 2
(Odd Semester for Academic Year 2014-15)
12th May 2015 Declaration of Result/Grades: End-Semester
13th May 2015 Declaration of Result/Grades: Re-Examination 2
5th-11th May 2015 Six-Monthly Progress Review for Ph.D.
12th May-29th June Summer Vacation
1st July 2015 Autumn Semester Registration and Class Commencement



  • Re-exam will be conducted on Saturdays & Sundays or other days as per the announcement by University.
  • All co-curricular activities i.e. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc. will be held as per the calendar-announcement by the concerned School-Director.
  • Audit Course details would be provided at the time of Registration. Audit Course applied for and not attended would result in a fine.
  • Course Registration at the start of the semester is Compulsory. Course Registration must be done in person otherwise a student would not be considered as a registered student of SLS.
  • Internship expense to be paid on actual by the student and would remain compulsory.
  • Audit Courses and Internships are not the liabilities for the University. They are proposed with good academic intensions. No arguments for admission to a certain audit course or
    for conducting a specific internship would be entertained.
  • For participation in Audit Courses and Internships, good discipline is mandatory.
  • Indiscipline during any activity would result in that student being debarred from all future activities.
  • Students are supposed to stay back for the date of review of evaluated answer sheets. No arguments after that for evaluation would be entertained.
  • All above activities and their proposed dates are subject change with intimation in extraordinary circumstances. Students are advised to check their emails for all such notifications.
  • Students are advised to book their tickets for the vacation only after consulting their advisors and SLS office.
  • International Exposure Programme are proposed based on confirmation from the
  • concerned agencies/international universities. The expense for the same is to be paid by the students on actual bases.


Activity Calendar

January 2015 17th & 18th International Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Knowledge
   21st to 25th Petrocup
  28th to 30th Chartered Accountancy Workshop
February 2015 2nd and 3rd International Language & Culture Festival
  3rd Indo-Western Musical Performance
  10th Film Appreciation Workshop
March 2015   Cultural Festival/Technical Festival (PDPU)
  25th SLS Distinguished Lecture Series
April 2015 7th Political Science: Expert Session
  16th Semiotics Workshop: Mass Communication


Event Calendar 2014


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