World Civilization: Ancient Egypt & its Art

Ancient Egypt & its Art On 20th & 21st Feb, All the SLS students set their time machine to 3000 BC to explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt with Mrs. Asha Mandapa, Eminent artist & Director, Institute of Design Expression Art & Learning. The workshop was organized with objectives to make history education interesting, to understand the contribution of Ancient Egypt in field of Art, Architecture, Science, Technology etc, to understand art & its characteristics. During two days of the workshop student learnt following:
The only surviving wonder of the ancient world.
• The pyramids at Giza • Saqara and Memphis • Abu Simbel • Karnak • Valley of the Kings
The Art, Culture, Fashion & Treasures of the Ancient Egyptian and their relevance And usage in the modern World.
The story of two great Queens
On the second day, students created a replica of the Egyptian art to understand the meaning of its art, colour palette, form, meaning of hyroglyphics & composition

Workshop by NIFT

The Handloom weaving workshop was conducted as a part of Audit course Programme in The School of Liberal Studies at Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinagar (PDEU). The workshop was implemented as a module of 18 hours spread across six days from 29th October, 2012 to 4th November, 2012 at the Textile Weaving Lab, NIFT campus, Gandhinagar.

The project coordinators from NIFT, Gandhinagar included Ms Shubhangi Yadav, CC & Associate Professor and Ms. Sumita Agrawal, Assistant Professor from the Textile Design Dept. On the other hand, Ms. Khushali Purohit, from The School of Liberal Studies, coordinated this project on behalf of PDEU. Total cost of the project was budgeted at 1,68,540/- that includes the component of infrastructure and lab charges of NIFT.


Terracotta Workshop

School of Liberal Studies, PDEU had organized 4 days Terracotta Workshop for the students. the workshop aimed to develop understanding & appriciation of folk art form - Terracotta and its cultural significance, developing visual and aesthetic sense, hands on experience of making terracotta art piece.

Shri Lakshmilal and his team members taught the art form. The artisans hails from Molela, Rajasthan - a region known for its terrocotta art. He is a National Awardee artist specialized in Terracotta Sculpture, Idols of Gods & Goddesses, Panel, Wall Tiles and other Decorative Items. The specialty of Rajasthani terracotta art is they do not use molds. All the shapes and design they create with hands. During the workshop students designed wall murals and worked on potter's wheel & furnace. There interactive session gave chance to the students to know about the life & culture of local artisans.

Photography Workshop

In the age of digital photography, clicking is very easy task but students of SLS tried to explore photography as a serious art form with Mr. Ketan Modi, professional photographer and a head of the photography course at Navgujarat College. In two days workshop Students learnt:
Introduction to photography | History of photography | Types of Photography |Principles of Photography | Light and Medium | S.L.R Camera System | Composition | Vision Development | Flash photography Dos & Don’ts
On the second day, students visited Indroda Nature Park for outdoor shoot. They applied the fundamentals, they learnt on the first day and after the shoot, the resourse person analyse the photographs to improve their photography.