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Audit Course 2014-15

The School of Liberal Studies (SLS) offers an Audit course especially for its first year students. The course is a step towards one of the main objectives of SLS’s, of enhancing creative thinking of a student and also to foster the scholarly teaching and learning culture, based on reflective and creative independence. The Audit Courses are envisioned to impart value based education and develop a skill set amongst its students to broaden their vision and experience and enabling them to stand out amongst their competitors. The School of Liberal Studies shall also provide certificate of participation for the related program.

An Audit course though not a credit- based course, provides a student a chance to learn the basic fundamental of a subject without the risk of under-performance resulting in a poor or failing grade. It is also helpful when reviewing a long-unstudied subject, or when first beginning the study of a discipline where one has little experience or confidence. An audit class is also for enjoyment with no need or desire of academic credit and a medium of inter disciplinary exposure.


Proposed Activity

Dhurrie Making | Macrame | Western Dance | Warli & Pichve Art | Vegetable Dye Painting | Screen Printing | Calligraphy | Basic Photography | Fiction Writing | Graphic Designing | Paper Mache Art | Jewellry Making | Pithora Art | Block Printing | Card making and Gift Making | Leather Craft | Glass Etching | Tie-dye Work | Sculpture Making | Event Photography | Chinese Brush Painting | Cultural Heritage Trip | Adventure cum Nature Study Trip | Traffic Rules Awareness | Self Defense Training


Audit Course 2013-14

The Handbook Audit Course 2013-17 is designed to provide students brief information on Audit Program offered by School of Liberal Studies, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. Students are instructed to read it thoroughly and to retain a copy of it for future reference.
In particular, the Handbook provides a list of varied activities (subject to change) to be performed by the students throughout the year, as well as the brief details for all the activities. Policy and Contact details of the Officials for Audit Course are also provided.

The Handbook is designed and prepared by Ms. Khushali Purohit, Coordinator - Audit Course under the guidance of Ms. Neeta Khurana, Faculty Advisor – Audit Course. We assure you the Audit Course will accrue the knowledge and skills to develop an extraordinary talent in you.
Have an enjoyable journey with the Audit Course.


Proposed Activity

Warli Art | Vegetable Dye Painting | Screen Printing | Calligraphy | Photography | Graphic Designing | Adventure cum Nature Study trip | Cultural Heritage trip | Paper Mache Art | Jewellry Making | Tie-Dye | Chinese Brush Painting

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