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Audit Course Activities

What is Audit Course?
The School of Liberal Studies (SLS) offers Audit Courses specially for its first year students. The Audit Courses are envisioned to impart value based education and develop a skill set amongst its students to broaden their vision , experience and enable them to stand out amongst their competitors.

This is a non credit- based course. The course directs the students towards one of the main objectives of SLS- to enhance the creative thinking and also to foster the scholarly teaching and learning culture, based on reflective and creative independence. The course is a medium of inter disciplinary exposure and helps the students to discover areas related to art, design, literature ,adventure , tradition and culture which still remain unexplored by many.

We provide the students with a certificate of participation to the students.

    Objectives of Audit Course:

  • To provide an opportunity to learn new skills
  • To explore the hidden potential
  • To gain practical exposure to different activities
  • To be a leader
  • To learn to manage an event / workshops
  • To develop team work spirit