Course Structure

Semester 1
• English Communication (Core)
• Basic Mathematics (Core)
• Science in Everyday Life (Core)
• Introduction to Computer Science (Core)
• Leadership (Core)
• Understanding of Theatrical Arts (Core)
• Foreign Language (Core)

Semester 2
• Micro Economics 1 (Core)
• Introduction to Psychology (Core)
• Theories of Mass Communication (Core)
• Introduction to World Civilization (Core)
• Foreign Language (Core)
• Urban Development and City Governance (Core)

• Environmental Sustainability through Food System
• Overview of Indian Art
• Musical Styles
• Fundamentals of Programming and Data Structure
• Styles of Dance


Semester 3
• World Classics (Core)
• Principles of Management (Core)
• Introduction to Environmental Studies (Core)
• Introduction to International Relations (Core)
• Applied Psychology (Core)
• Foreign Language (Core)
• Sports (Core)

• Films and Society
• Workplace Communication
• Environmental Psychology
• Atmospheric Sciences
• Indian Government and Politics
• Basics of Accounting
• Introduction to Human Resource Management
• Introduction to Law and Governance
Semester 4
• Introduction to the Principles of Public Administration and Governance (Core)
• Basics of Indian Foreign Policy (Core)
• Exploration of Literary Forms (Core)
• Macro Economics 1 (Core)
• Principles of Marketing (Core)
• Introduction to Environmental Law (Core)
• Foreign Language (Core)

• Statistics (Elective)
• Rural Development in India (Elective)
• Cognitive Psychology (Elective)
• Educational Psychology (Elective)
• Soft Skills (Elective)
• Advanced Atmospheric Science (Elective)
• Principles of Financial Management (Elective)
B.B.A (Hons)
Cluster Major/ Minor Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
Finance Major Financial Management Business Research Methods Advanced Financial Management Financial Engineering
Minor Accounting for Managerial Decisions Financial Markets & Services Securities Analysis & Portfolio Management International Finance
Marketing Major Marketing of Goods and Service Business Research Methods Supply Chain Management E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing
Minor Industrial Marketing Strategic Brand Management Integrated Marketing Communication International Marketing
Human Resource Management Major Human Resource Management Business Research Methods Strategic Human Resource Management (Major) Organization Structure and Dynamics
Minor Organizational Behaviour Compensation Management and Wage Administration Knowledge Management International Human Resource Management


Major Subjects

Economics Psychology English
SEMESTER 5            
Micro Economics II Research Methodology and Statistics American Literature Administrative Principles and Theories Theories and Approaches of International Relations Print Media -
SEMESTER 6            
Introduction to Econometrics Abnormal Psychology Literary Criticism Research Methodology Political Geography Introduction to Electronic Media -
SEMESTER 7            
Development and Environmental Economics Biological Basis of Behaviour Indian English Literature Public policy and Governance Approaches to International and Regional Organizations Electronic Media Production -
SEMESTER 8            
Experimental Psychology History of English Literature- I Comparative Administrative Systems International Political Economy Media Law and Ethics -



Minor Subjects

Economics Psychology English
SEMESTER 5            
Money Banking and Public Finance Psychological Testing • Literature of the Diaspora (LC)
• Organizational Communication (CC)
Personnel Administration In India Comparative Constitutions and Politics I Development of Media Institutional and Financial Resources for Environmental Management
SEMESTER 6            
Macro Economics II Industrial & Organizational Psychology • Ethics of Corporate Communication (CC)
• Indian Literature in English Translation (LC)
Structure and Processes of Indian Administration Comparative Constitutions and Politics II Advertising and Media Management Global Conventions/ Protocols and International Environmental Cooperation
SEMESTER 7            
Indian Financial System Social Psychology • Gender Studies (LC)
• Publicity Writing and Branding (CC)
Administration of Non-Profit Organizations India and the World Public Relation and Corporate Communication Principles & Practice of Environmental Policy and Planning
SEMESTER 8            
Indian Economy Psychology of Human Development • History of English Literature (LC)
• Internal and External Corporate Communication (CC)
Financial Administration in India Energy Politics New Media Applications Environmental Ethics and Leadership


Credits for B.B.A./ B.A.(Hons.) Programme:
• First Four Semesters: 30 papers (03 credits each) = 90 Credits
• Last Four Semesters: 12 Papers (08 majors + 04 Minors: 06 credits each) = 72 Credits
• Seminar/Undergraduate Research Dissertation: 06 Credits (mandatory)
• Minimum Academic Credits required to earn the Degree: 168
• Rural/Urban Internship: 03 Credits
• Corporate Internship: 03 Credits (Voluntary)
• International Exposure Program: 03 Credits (Voluntary)