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Rural Life & Agricultural Science Exposure Program

Students of B.Sc. (Hons.), School of Liberal Studies participated in the ‘Rural Life & Agricultural Science Exposure Program’ at Sembal Paani, Banaskantha for three days. The program was conducted by Lokniketan Trust, Sembal Paani on 2-4 January, 2017.

During the program, students have learned about the type of farming, difference between conventional farming and organic farming, modern farming techniques and equipments, various schemes and programs on farming/farmers offered by the government etc. Interaction with the successful farmers of nearby areas was made students more interested in agricultural. Students then engaged in hands – on learning through farming.

The three days program also involved rock climbing, rappelling, caving, trekking along with flora and fauna introduction, rope knots, bird watching, star gazing, GPS Navigation etc.

Students had thoroughly enjoyed an unique educational agricultural exposure and the challenging adventurous activities throughout the program.

Adventure cum Nature Study Program

School of Liberal Studies had organised Adventure cum Nature Study Program at Sembal Paani, Banaskantha (180 kms from Ahmedabad) for first year students under the Audit Course 2014-15.

Sembal Paani is surrounded by dates trees, open scrubland and farm lands on hillocks of Aravalli. It is a part of Balaram - Ambaji wildlife sanctuary which has a wonderful art in form of rocks with scenic beauty of Nature. There is a beautiful monsoonal waterfall called Pareva.

The two-day program involved rock climbing, rappelling, caving, peak climbing ‘Kanjelo’, trekking, rope knots, bird watching, old tribal village houses visit, night trekking, cross country trek to pareva pani along with flora and fauna introduction. A professional agency was hired to provide a safe and holistic experience to the students. The students have experienced an unique, challenging and inspirational adventure.


Gir - Bio Diversity Camp
Trekking Camp

Drama Night

Final session of Drama (Murder (Mime), Idga , Media, Violin (Mime)) as on 20th November, 2009
conducted by SLS Students as part of Understanding Theatrical Arts.

Drama Competition

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, 'Soul Pepper' - The Pandit Deendayal Energy University Theatrics Club organised 'Proscenium' - Grand Finale, the University Drama Night on 3rd September, 2010. The event was graced by the presence of Playwright, Media teacher & Founder of Theatre and Media Center, (BUDRETI trust) based in Ahmedabad, Shri Hasmukh Baradi. Amongst the other judges we had Shri Kabir Mansuri and faculties Prof. Ashish Sarkar and Prof. Neeta Khurana. The evening saw 5 stand-up comedians, 3 skits and a mime, all of which were in-house productions and self-directed by the students. The skits were based on topics like Women Empowerment, Regionalism and Unemployment, all of which were beautifully handled and projected on-stage. The stand-Up comedians touched the funny bone of the audience through their hilarious jokes. The Mime saw some very good display of acting and facial expressions. Each one of the performances was highly appreciated. The Mime was awarded the first prize. Soul Pepper aims at creating a Theatrical platform for PDEU. Through its performances in and around the University. It is soon gaining laurels and appreciation everywhere.

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