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Dr. Nigam Dave
Director, Faculty of Liberal Studies
School of Liberal Studies

Director's Message

Welcome to the world of creativity and original thinking. By deciding to join the talented pool of ‘generation next’, you have already expressed your desire to do things ‘differently’. The quest for knowledge and wisdom is always challenging. It requires aptitude and determination to reach the destination. School of Liberal Studies would be the catalyst to allow the undiscovered talents hidden in each individual to manifest themselves. Successful completion of an experiential, participative and innovative eleven years have further motivated us to enhance the qualitative content of the course.

The ‘breadth’ and ‘depth’ of courses offered at SLS will enable you to understand your own potential and equip you with the knowledge and skills the world requires today. The experiential teaching-learning pedagogy would expose you to the best practices prevalent in the world. I invite you to bring in a breath of fresh air of enthusiasm and creativity on the campus. Let us form a responsible and reliable team. India expects a lot from us all.