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Gandhi Day

A 'Gandhi Day' was organized at SLS recently as a part of a course for the first year students on Conflict Resolution: Gandhian Way of Non-Violence. Prof. Sudarshan Iyengar, former Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, gave the keynote address. His explanation of the Gandhian method of Conflict Management through the 'Gandhi calling Gandhi', referring to the spiritual calling within each of us, made the content very relatable by all age groups. Khadi was the preferred garment of the day and it was heartening to see almost all students and faculty members coming to the university wearing Khadi garments. Later in the day, students from Gujarat Vidyapith came with Charkhas and demonstrated the art of spinning Khadi. Many SLS students joined them in this interesting endeavor.


Stanford Prof Fishkin

An interactive session with Professor James Fishkin, Stanford University, on the topic “Making Deliberative Democracy Practical” was organized by Dept. of International Relations in collaboration with South Block. Prof. Fishkin discussed various case studies in different parts of the world and highlighted the importance of sampling and other variables in the process. He told participatory democracy is the cardinal virtue of community development and India is a unique model which can draw best practices in other parts of the world to further strengthen its democratic ethos.


UNICEF Gujarat organised a Civil Society Consultation

SLS and UNICEF Gujarat organised a Civil Society Consultation event for developing a Plan of Action for Children (SPAC) drawing inferences from the National Policy on Children 2013. Around 60 civil society members and 50 academicians participated in the event on PDPU campus. The deliberations aimed to help streamline the orientation on the draft National Policy on Children 2016 with the objective to facilitate orientation for stake-holders on the National Policy on Children; and to draw inputs and inferences for a State Action Plan for Gujarat with the Civil Society and stake-holders.


Workshop for Psychological Testing

Department of Psychology at SLS organized a workshop on “Psychometric Tests”, between 17 – 24 October, 2016 for Psychology students of batch of 2014. The workshop conducted by Shachi Barot (PhD scholar ’16) and mentored by Dr. Ritu Sharma, Head of Department of psychology. The workshop aimed to educate students of applied and clinical psychology about different experiments to test individuals motor learning, verbal learning, problem solving, IQ measuring tests, Letter – digit substitution test, whole versus part method of learning of verbal and motor learning, mirror tracing test for eye-hand coordination learning, trial and error with maze learning and pass along test to measure IQ. In this workshop Students have shown their participation with full attention and enthusiasm to learn. The workshop was facilitated by student lab coordinators, Nishi and Trishla.


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