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8th International Congress of Stress, Performance and Wellness

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Gujarat Science Congress 2017

Guj. Energy Research Management Institute (GERMI) and School of Liberal Studies, PDEU (SLS) are co-organisers and host of the 31st Gujarat Science Congress 2017, an annual event of the Gujarat Science Association (GSA). Established in 1978, the GSA is an academy of leading scientists in Gujarat from various disciplines including education, physical and life sciences, broad spectrum of engineering sciences, environmental sciences as well as industries and technology areas. The 31st Gujarat Science Congress will be held on 4-5 February, 2017. The theme of the event is “Responsibilities Of Academia And Academies In Creating Sustainable, Competitive And Ethical Societies: Challenges And Opportunities”. For registration and sponsorship details, download event brochure.

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Human Resources Seminar

Human Resources Seminar on
Industry Expectations from young graduates


Leadership Seminar

Students interviewed
Shri. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat in their assignment on Leadership.
Students interviewed
Shri. Uttam Mehta, Industrialist Chairman, Gujarat in their assignment on Leadership Interaction and planning session with
Ms. Anjali Desai, Author, India Guide-Gujarat,on how to develop handbook on Gandhinagar.
A student interviewed Shri. Mehul Vadodaria,
Former mayor of Bhavnagar, Gujarat in his assignment on Leadership