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Sports govern some of the fundamental principles of life. It can teach you about failure, joy, and disappointment, excitement, winning and losing, about maturity, teamwork, humility and selflessness.

"We don't claim to be the best, but we're damn hard to beat." –Is one of the famous quotes said by Adam Barnes and so we here at PDEU not only try to do our best at academics but in sports too.

We conduct numerous sports activities at PDEU to enhance and promote all round development of students by providing them with good facilities, organizing various events and fests within the college and also encouraging them for outdoor participation.

Chess is the oldest strategy game known to mankind. Created in the first century B.C this is a very popular game in which Indians are currently at the forefront. Two sides battle it out with all their wits to be proclaimed as the winner of what has been come to be known also as the “intelligent person’s” game. The two aforementioned sides, white and black respectively fight what amounts to a simulated battle in the natural course of the game. One of the greatest plus points of chess that it is impossible to cheat in any way. The two sides each with 16 pieces play on an eight by eight 64 square black and white checked board. The objective of the game is to checkmate the opponent by attacking the opponent’s king and leaving it no square to move onto without facing a direct attack.

Carom is one of the most renowned and loved Indian sport of all time. This game engages two to four people at a time and is a test of of a person’s aim. It is all about the skill and accuracy of the shot that determines a person’s worth on the carom board. This game has a widespread base of players from all over the country and is played with an almost standardised set of rules making this one of the most intense competitions out of them all.

Athletics is the cornerstone of most sporting tournaments world-wide. It test all the physical attributes such as strength, speed, stamina, endurance and at a certain level, even determination. The athletics events are many and varied. They can be 100m, 200m or even 400m sprints or relays. They can have hurdles, gymnastics, long jumping, pole vaulting and many others. Perhaps the greatest embodiment of the very spirit of athletics is the marathon race. Invented by the Greeks after their win against Darius on the plains of marathon, they commemorated its re-enactment in the form of the marathon race – The ultimate expression of athleticism.

Volleyball is a six a side two team game. It is an intensely competitive sport. In simplistic terms, the objective of the game is two keep the ball from touching the ground on your side of the court and try to achieve the opposite by hitting the ball into your opponents side of the court. This sport is played primarily by the hands and requires great amounts of stamina and power.

Basketball is the fourth most funded sport in the entire world after baseball, football and cricket. This five-a-side two teamed game is played on a court with a hoop in each end. The main objective is to get the ball to pass through the hoop on your opponent’s side of the court. Basketball also requires a great deal of stamina but also powerful jumping ability. Coupled with the skilful dribbling and various other tricks, not only is this game enjoyable but exciting enough to keep one on the edge of their seats. The game really heats up when the slam dunking begins !

Football is the most popular sport of our day and age. As an Indian living in a cricket crazy country it might be a tad bit difficult to visualize this but football has entire continents crazy about it especially Europe and South America. Football is a fast paced 90 minute eleven a side two teamed game. The objective is to kick the ball into the goal at the opponent’s side of the field. Sounds simple? Well, each team has a goal-keeper who guards the goal and is the only player on the field allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Football fever is fast spreading over India as well with the coming world cup and any sporting tournament with this sport looks to be an exciting event on the whole.

Lawn Tennis
From the courts of Wimbledon to the local sports complex, lawn tennis is one of the most widely followed of sports. It can be either singles or doubles and requires the players to hit a ball over a net with the intent of making their opponent incapable of doing the same.

Table Tennis
Table tennis is a fast paced sport requiring extreme levels of concentration and skill. Though not very exhausting or physically exerting in any way, it is requires a great deal of practise to master this sport and play it at any competitive level.