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Mr. Jagat Shah

Trade & Investment representative, Govt. of Manitoba- Canada for India

According to me, liberal education lies above all other disciplines or forms of education. Due to the knowledge of various subjects and the high exposure provided by School Of Liberal Studies, the students undoubtedly stand apart from their counterparts in other colleges. In future, they would not only have the ability to understand their work, but they would also be able to perceive and interpret their environmental cues very efficiently. They are the torch
bearers, visionaries and leaders of the future. Organizations need them.


Mr. Sunil Parekh

Advisor, Zydus Cadila Healthcare, Ahmedabad

SLS offers cutting edge programs focused on exposure and exploration for the students which is the need of the hour. Certainly industries require technical people, however for strategic and long term sustainable growth of any organization; they need leaders and creative thinkers who are able to think beyond the box. Liberal Studies help students obtain such competencies. India needs strategic thinkers, visionaries and motivating leaders. An employee of liberal study back-ground would be the end of search for Indian employers certainly.