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Message from OSAL (Office of Student Activities & Leadership), PDEU

Dear Student,
College days are considered to be the most fun-filled time of life and you are passing through that phase of your life. Just add to the idea of fun-filled phase, we believe it’s the best time, when you can explore your potential and interest and develop life skills and leadership qualities.
PDEU believes in nurturing and enhancing your hidden potential and skills. Thus, we encourage you to come out and
participate in activities and initiate new activities.
This page lets you know about those student organizations and contact details of the coordinators and General Secretaries of the respective committees.
We are sure that activities under these organizations will help you to know your potential and also to let others know your potential while making the campus life more vibrant and meaningful.
Wish you a very happy academic year ahead! You all Rock
The Student Activities & Leadership Team

Jharokha - Literary Club

Jharokha provide an open forum for ideation, discussion, and deliberation on literary pieces, current and social issues, or any other idea under the sky. The club arranges workshops on creative writing and drawing. Drop in to participate in activities in activities like poetry recitation and listen to budding poets making lively recitations of their poems.
Vaishnavi Venugopalan:

Soul Pepper

Soul Pepper is a dance & dramatics club started by students. Its objective is to demonstrate and understand the nature of basic voice production, modulation and delivery. Examine the nature of trust and responsibility in the context of Drama as a social art form. And its aim to develop the depth of concentration necessary for inventive role-play activities.
Kewallya Jain:


Rang “The fine arts club” is the proposed title for fine arts and crafts club of PDEU which has been functioning to bring out the hidden creativity of students and provide a platform for those who want to show their creative and designing skills. The main aim of this club is to create an atmosphere of innovation and creativity in the institute for all the students interested.
Urvi Shah

Grow Cook Eat

GCE is the Food club of PDEU. GCE provides a forum for information exchange and network around a common interest – food.
Manas Daxini :


Offbeat is the music club focusing on providing platform to talented students at campus and create awareness on different genre of music. Music has the ability to reduce pain through release of endorphins which act as natural pain killers. One of the key objective of music is to increases
self-esteem and self-confidence of the students.
Naitik Patel:


The Fashion Club Elixir promotes and inspires fashion creativity among like-minded studnts who learn from each other,
explore their interest, and make new friends.
Hitashi Khabrani:

Debate Society

DebSoC is a students’ forum at PDEU, which actively encourages intellectual and creative interaction. The forum organizes debates on various topics and provides a competitive environment to the students where they can enhance their communicative and public speaking skills.
Saksham Singh:


PDEU recognizes the Generation next’s interest in E- Sports and encourages the same. Students share their talent and knowledge of E - sports in games like—Arcade, CS, FIFA, Quake, Racing Games, Puzzles and Chess. E-Sports event annually and students also go to Inter-college competitions.
Contact -
Siddharth Jhuria


Rotary’s main objective is leadership, development & service— in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe. The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its
fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.
Contact -
Maria Amravatiwala


EOP aims to raise the awareness and understanding of various ‘environmental issues’ and instil a sense of responsibility for ‘protecting and conserving the environment’ . The club will bring to light that ‘environmental management’ is a cash rich business and in this business everyone gain.
EOP promotes the essence of ‘live and let live’
Contact -
Pranav Bargotra


“BRAHMAND” - The Astronamy Club mainly focuses on various activities that connect us with our Universe. The club organizes events related to astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe is full of spectacular events which creates a lot of excitement among the people. And the explanation is also covered with mythical beliefs. The Club will make sure to introduce the reality behind them. This club helps Enthusiasts to learn more about astronomy
and explore more of deep sky and EXPLORE THE UNEXPLORED!!!
Contact -
Parth Marathe


The Robotics Club endeavors to provide a platform for learning about hardware, electronics, fabrication and programming for robotics and its application in the energy sector The club exposes students to latest automation techniques in the oil and gas sector.
Contact -
Parth Kapadia


Encode is the coding club of PDEU. The Club’s main objective would be to support Programming as an initiative to empower
logical skills as well as object oriented skills.
Contact -
Raj Rathod


The objective of the Club is to ignite and sustain the spark of curiosity in students, which would give PDEU students the edge in this world of mediocrity and uni– dimensional thought. To adorn PDEU students with the jewel called ‘Awareness’ whose dazzle would speak volumes
about the glory of their intelligence wherever they go.
Contact -
Anmol Jain


This club is formed to make student aware about photography as an art form. Photography is all about "seeing" things differently -- about thinking and discerning more fluently, so you can see the unique elements and factors that others may have overlooked in their habitual way of looking at the world.
Contact -
Aayush Choksi


The club believes in creating stage for futuristic policy practitioners in public governance and business for welfare in the country & engage the students fraternity in discussions and debates with regard to the emerging issues and challenges in the larger socio-political-administrative domains and encourage them to think for the welfare of the society.
Contact -
Disha Joshi


This club focuses on spreading a social message to people through their skill and by developing their ideas through script writing, shooting, editing and directing. Typically, it involves a large number of students who work together with single goal in their mind. Its main mission is to develop appreciation for film.
Contact -
Parth Pujara


Knock out is the Mix Martial Art club of PDEU. Knockout believes in imparting the motto of - “My Body Is My Weapon” The club aims to impart self defence training to students and make them self capable of protecting themselves if the time comes, make them physically and mentally fit & impart qualities like obedience,
self-control, discipline, humanity to the students.
Shivam Wala


SPIC MACAY is a nationwide voluntary movement that organises programmes of classical music and dance, folk arts, crafts, yog, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks, etc. inside school and college campuses throughout the world to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage. As the name suggests
“Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth. PDEU chapter of SPIC MACAY promotes
Indian Classical music & Culture through various activities.
Contact -
Shubhankar Bhattacharjee