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" To emerge as a world class Institution of Excellence in Energy Education, Research and Innovation which will prepare and sensitize the youth and ultimately the society for radical yet sustainable societal transformation. "

  • To encourage creative thinking and ability to see things as a whole. Critical moments in life require ability to think out of the box to perceive a situation in to imaginatively find out solutions.
  • To serve as a catalyst for the desire of innovativeness in order to form disciplined yet creative habits of mind.
  • To encourage experience of pleasure while doing research in a field for which one has passion and to transfer this sense of freedom from the ‘School to the Society’.
  • To foster scholarly teaching - learning culture based on reflective and creative independence.
  • To participate with industry, government, other academic institutes and NGOs for creating new opportunities for internship programs.
  • To provide a comprehensive mix of academic programs and research projects to strengthen inter-disciplinary understanding.


Our Aim

To free the mind and allow to explore the undefined boundaries of liberated thinking. to allow the intellectual spirit

To take over and allow it to course its way through multiple disciplines and provide fresh lines of perception.