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Why Liberal Studies?

Aim of Liberal Studies

• The aim of studying Liberal Studies is to produce self-motivated & responsible citizens capable of taking on global challenges.
• Liberal Studies focus on student learning and not on teaching.
• Liberal Studies program provides an opportunity for every individual to explore, nurture and develop life skills.
• Liberal Studies program has historically produced the best leaders, thinkers, scientists, writers, poets and scholars.
• Liberal Studies program seeks and develops interests innate in an individual and fosters them to make them better human beings.

India & Liberal Studies

  • We have created no institutions of repute post-Independence, focused on liberal education.
  • The term 'institutes of excellence' came to be associated with a new breed of colleges - the IITs, IIMs, AIIMS. But these aren't multi-disciplinary colleges.
  • Unlike a Harvard, a Wharton or a Stanford, all of which offer engineering, medical, management and liberal education degrees on the same campus

    Some Universities outside India where Liberal arts is offered
    - Eastern Illinois University, Charleston
    - Elizabeth College, Elizabeth Town
    - University of Sydney, Australia
    - University of Iowa, USA
    - Purdue University, USA
    - Arizona State University, USA
    - University of Waikato, New Zealand
    - Kenai Peninsula College, USA
    - Bowling Green State University, USA
    - Whitworth University, USA
    - University of Mary Washington, USA
    - University of Wisconsin, USA
    - And many more Institutes in USA & Europe

  • Philosophy

    School of Liberal Studies focuses on developing holistic personalities who are governed by the spirit of academic inquisitiveness and perseverance to positively impact the nation in a particular and the world in general.

    We provide education that is:
    • Collaborative, interactive and interdisciplinary
    • Extensively designed to provide rich breadth of courses
    • Research oriented
    • Designed to challenge the creativity and imagination of students
    • Designed to cultivate atmosphere of tolerance, multi-cultural understanding and appreciation for the beauty of arts and culture

    The School imparts following values through real time experiences in:
    • Multi- culture / multi- religion tolerance
    • Respect for tradition and beautiful products of art
    • Political awareness
    • Respect for all constituents of the society
    • Zeal for independent learning
    • Environmental concerns
    • Community spirit



    Yash Pal Committee Recommendations pp. 3-4

    “A large number of Central universities are being set up. Also several Institutes of Technology, Management and other areas. During a lot of discussion in this regard we have also talked of World-Class Universities.

    We would like to point out that there are no great universities in the world that do not simultaneously conduct world class programs in science, astronomy, management, languages, comparative literature, philosophy, psychology, information technology, law, political science, economics, agriculture and many other emerging disciplines.

    Indeed the emerging disciplines do their emerging because of infection or triggering by other fields in the same university. That is the reason that such universities are so great and our academics keep going to them.” pp.3-4

    Yash Pal Committee Recommendations 2.2.2

    • At present, much of our higher education is uni-disciplinary or within a narrow spread.
    • Specialization in a given discipline is only valuable in so far as it allows the learner to link that discipline with the real world and contextualize his/her own conceptions of life and its various phenomena.
    • Wherever education does involve inclusion of disciplines other than the major one that the student is studying, it is in the form of ‘subsidiary’ subjects. By their very nomenclature these subjects are seldom regarded as serious, either for the assessment they carry, or, least of all, for their content.
    • In sum, there is a need to expose students, especially at the undergraduate level, to various disciplines like humanities, social sciences, aesthetics etc., in an integrated manner. This should be irrespective of the discipline they would like to specialize in subsequently.

    Liberal Studies ….
    .. teaches you how to think
    .. teaches you how to learn.
    ..allows you to see things whole
    ..enhances wisdom and faith
    ..makes you a better teacher
    ..will contribute to your happiness