School of Liberal Studies PDEU Admission BBA/ BA (Hons.) & B.Com (Hons.).
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Our Aim
To Free The Mind And Allow To Explore The Undefined Boundaries Of Liberated Thinking. To Lend A Bit Of Art To Science And A Bit Of Science To Art.
To Bridge Existing Divides Of Conventional Wisdom.
To Foster Independence.. To Transform And To Endow Society With The Benefits Of A Novel Education. The School Of Liberal Studies Simply Conforms.

School of Liberal Studies

The School of Liberal Studies, established in 2009, is committed to taking radical initiatives to integrate traditional areas of learning and make higher education more learner-centric through choice-based learning. The school has a transdisciplinary academic program and a four-year undergraduate structure, which aligns with India's New National Education Policy (NEP).

The aim is to provide the students seamless and wholesome acquisition of knowledge and skills. The School of Liberal Studies offers four-year undergraduate programs in B.A. (Hons.), B.B.A. (Hons.), and B.Com. (Hons.) with its initial two years of common academic education enables students to make an informed choice about their specializations for the following two years.

SLS also offers Master's programs in Public Administration, Politics and International Relations, English, Psychology, Economics, Mass Communication and Master of Commerce. The school also offers Ph.D. programs in Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Business Administration, and Commerce.


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