Course Structure

B.Com (Hons.)

As the global market is becoming volatile and more demanding every day, career opportunities are also expanding and are becoming more demanding. Mere discipline focused knowledge is not enough; one is required to develop holistic understanding of the world through interdisciplinary pursuit and industry-academia interface. In the era of globalization, any endeavour in commerce or business would surely be impacted by international influences. Economy of a country, Financial issues, Trade Policies, Culture, Demography and Geography of the country influence commercial activities.  Exploring Bachelor of Commerce with interdisciplinary focus would expand the horizontal as well as vertical opportunities in career for the students and would enable them to bring applied research aspect to the industry. School of Liberal Studies at Pandit Deendayal Energy University offers B.Com. (Hons.) Program is in the globally recommended format and pedagogy.


• Communication for Business
• Business Mathematics
• Introduction to Computer Science
• Financial Accounting -1
• Business Economics - 1

Electives (Any Two)
• Theatre
• Leadership
• Foreign Language


• Financial Accounting - 2
• Introduction to
• Business Economics
• Secretarial Practice
• Taxation

Electives (Any Two)
• Foreign Language
• Indian Constitution
• Urban Development and City Governance
• Introduction to Psychology
• Introduction to World Civilization
• Musical Styles
• Overview of Indian Art
• Styles of Dance

• Entrepreneur Development
• Business Environment
• Business Mathematics
• Accounting Theory
• International Business
• Computer Application in Business
• Statistics

Electives (Any One)
• Workplace Communication
• Banking & NBFC
• Films and Society
• Applied Psychology
• Indian Government and Politics
• Introduction to HRM
• Introduction to Law and Governance
• Foreign Language

• Business Laws
• Principles of Marketing
• Management Accounting
• Corporate Accounting
• E Commerce
• Business Data Processing
• Auditing

Electives (Any One)
• World Classics in Literature
• Industrial Psychology
• Soft Skills
• Rural Development in India
• Introduction to the Principles of Public Admin and Governance
• Exploration of Literary Forms
• Introduction to Environmental Law
• Foreign Language



Cluster Major/
Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
Finance & Accounts Major Financial Management Business Research Methods Advanced Financial Management Financial Engineering
Minor Accounting for Managerial Decisions Financial Market & Services Security Analysis & Portfolio Management International Finance
Banking & Insurance Major Introduction to Banking Business Research Methods Bank Financial Management General Insurance
Minor Principles of Insurance Life Insurance Rural Banking & Insurance International Banking & Trade Finance
Marketing & Management Major Marketing of Goods and Services Business Research Methods Supply Chain Management E – Commerce and Social Media Marketing
Minor Industrial Marketing Strategic Brand Management Integrated Marketing Communication International Marketing
Entrepreneurship & International Trade Major Entrepreneurship & Small Business Business Research Methods Entrepreneurship and International Trade Geography and Its Impact on Business
Minor Entrepreneurial Marketing Global Scenario and Business Strategies Social Entrepreneurship Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation




  • First Four Semesters: 30 Papers (03 credits each) = 90 Credits
  • Last Four Semesters: 12 Papers (08 Majors + 04 Minors : 06 credits each) = 72 Credits
  • Undergraduate Research Dissertation : 06 Credits (Mandatory)
  • Seminar Hours: 08 Credits (Mandatory)
  • Minimum Credits required to earn the Academic Degree: 176
  • Rural/Urban/AIESEC Internship: 03 Credits
  • Corporate Internship: 03 Credits (Voluntary)
  • International Exposure Program: 03 Credits (Voluntary)